Random Thoughts:Notes from the Rabble

Seriously, do you actually “like” your job? Really? Is it something you actually look forward to doing (everyday) and deeply desire to do it? Or, like most people (including me) do you despise your daily tasks. Do you dread going to work almost everyday? Do you get sick opening the mailbox to see a fresh round of unending bills that you can never hope to pay off? Have you ever taken notice that sometimes a job is “important” and other times that same function it is not? Like when one of the high and mighty are speechifying about how important every “team” member is and how important each job is to the success of the business. (You certainly wouldn’t know that going by the rate of pay for these “important” jobs.) Yet, when they are not on stage performing, the same people will hold their nose as one of the more “lowly” laborers comes near. It’s obvious that this is just theater meant to pacify the working class “rabble.” If you want to see, it’s there to behold. Be honest with yourself, whenever you hear from management/ownership types about an open door policy, you know that’s just so much smoke being blown up you know where. While there may not be any official caste system in place, it is alive and well. The “haves” do everything they can to make sure their club remains firmly in their control and rarely allow any of the common folk any access to their world. They work hand in hand with government acolytes to erect obstacles (regulatory, taxation, licensure, etc.) to any outsider’s efforts to get ahead. Anything that will keep the unwashed away from their carefully maintained ivory towers.

The crocodile tears flow when the elite drone on about how much labor costs are, how there’d be no possible way they could afford to pay a couple of more dollars more an hour, how they’ll have to replace low wage workers with robots because that’s the only way they’ll scrape by. This is coming from people who’s companies profit millions, hundreds of millions of dollars (even billions of dollars) per year, year after year. This coming from the small percentage of the people (less than 5% of the population) who control over 90% of ALL wealth on the planet, leaving the rest of us to attempt to live on the remaining 10% (or less). Government panderers who proclaim to have the answer are liars. THEY are a huge part of the problem to begin with. They are all misleaders, deceivers. They work hand in glove with the ruling elite, they are part and parcel of the same.

We have all been conditioned for generations that work for low pay is good (for us, the unwashed rabble), that hard work for low pay is even better (more lies). That delaying our desires and wants is a good thing, all the while the elite class lives a full life of instant gratification by using our labors to their advantage. These types will sit in front of their opulent mansions and tell you (and me) that we must make sacrifices they do not and will not. As they sit in their $100,000+ luxury vehicle they will tell you (and me) that we should downsize, even carpool to “save” money. They will tell you (and me) that we should eat less food, do less, spend less. They blame us for our lack of spending discipline when we (the common folk) run low on money. A majority of regular, normal working people have less than $1,000 in a bank, not because we spend unwisely but because we are NOT paid enough to live in the modern world. Most people in America make less than $30,000 per year, and that’s before the ruling elites confiscate a percentage for taxes, so you can figure most of us bring home under $25,000. And that, my friends, is simply not very much money today. So the next time you hear about how important you are at work you know they (the ownership/management class) are simply parroting a PR line they’ve been told you want to hear. Believe me, if you (or I) died on the way to the job tomorrow we would NOT be missed, not one bit, other than upsetting the master plan, the management would have to reassign others to cover our part of the work process until they found a replacement cog (oops! I mean worker). And maybe if the work got done anyway (which is normally what would happen) you wouldn’t be replaced at all. The other commoners would be expected to simply work harder, after all, that’s good for you, right?

Working for a (minimal wage) living sucks. Period. Working for anyone other than yourself is little better than indentured servitude. Regardless of what you do for a job. No matter where you work. All of it is the same everywhere. Working accomplishes nothing. Not personally, nor on a larger scale. You will not make any gains financially. You will not get any real satisfaction from working because typically you are not doing something you enjoy. Working for minimal compensation creates undue stress, false hopes, family strife, and lifetime debt, as you pursue the false promise of a better life through work. Banks and businesses work together to promote the false narrative of working (for others) for a minimal wage living. Big changes are coming and we may well see (hopefully) the mighty elite class destroy themselves. Unfortunately, many of us will perish along with them. But there is the slightest of hope that a new way will keep the psychotic elites out of control once the current system collapses. Let us hope that a non-government, non-interference, pro-freedom and liberty system rises soon. Only then can we break the enslavement of the government/business cabal and actually live as we were meant to. Free.


Random Thoughts, Wage Slave



Is the growing distance between the “haves” and “have-nots” a problem? I think it is. Now I’m not talking about the chronically unemployed, substance abuser who is constantly trying to get onto the latest and greatest government program. I’m talking about the normal, everyday working person who’s wages have been stagnant (at best) or have actually lost ground over the past twenty years. Is the solution to have some government “officials” take from the “rich” and redistribute to the poor? Should some government minion be determining a “minimum” wage? I would say not. For many, many years the traditional “gap” in earnings averaged in at approximately 20 times more. In other words, the highest paid people in an organization earned 20 times more than the lowest-paid echelon in the workforce. Today that difference is much higher, sometimes 100, 200, or even more times difference in compensation. Such disparity can only end one way, in resentment and desperation for the “have-nots.” Employers almost universally reject the latest “minimum wage” proposals and they do have a point…to a point. The last thing anyone should desire is to have the government get more involved but if this “wealth gap” continues to widen, and it certainly seems that it will keep trending in that direction, there will be ever louder demands for someone to do something and the “controllists” in power will gladly oblige. Business owners and top level management would do themselves well to steer back toward that tried and true 20 times earnings differentiation. The well-off are not helping themselves by continuing this self-destructive race for an ever greater slice of the pie. One can’t help but observe that these same people certainly appear to have all the money they “need” to pursue their own wants; boats, second homes, vacations, new cars (at the high end of the price scale, by the way), and many other accouterments that blatantly broadcast their “success.” All the while these very same people seem to incessantly complain about how hard they have it and how difficult it is to make ends meet. That they really don’t make very much money…except the empirical evidence contradicts that narrative. Business owners and top level management constantly attempt to cut “costs” like employee’s wages and so-called “benefits” (you know those things you pay more for every year and get less use out of like health insurance for example) while at the very same time padding their own pockets with bonuses the size of most of their employees annual wages, separate (and far superior) benefit packages, and other perks normal, “regular” employees will NEVER have access to. What used to be the land of opportunity is fast becoming the land of opportunists who will trample anyone who stands in the way of personal enrichment. The destructive gospel of profit above all else is corrosive and dangerous to a free and prosperous world. The way that had been open for so many to improve their lot in life is rapidly closing with only a select few holding the bulk of the wealth of the whole world. A recipe for unimaginable catastrophe is being prepared and unless we all work together to renew the promise of an actual land of opportunity, humanity will be set back a thousand years. We must act to get the government out of our lives to the greatest extent possible (both personally and in business life), retool the “profit first” thought process of the business owner(s) and top management; while making a profit is an important thing, it is simply not the only thing. Continuing down our current path is folly and will bring about our own demise. Until next time…



Random Thoughts:Is Retirement a Reality?


Hello once again! This morning is especially dreary and gray outside. Raining as well. Makes me think about the future. What I see is an unending struggle, working at a job that offers no meaningful purpose, minimal compensation and no possibility of reaching those magical retirement years. Now, I don’t mean I don’t think I’ll live that long, what I mean is that once I reach that time period in my life, things will be much the same (or maybe even a little worse) than they are today. I say this because the economic situation (at least in my life) has steadily deteriorated since 1997. I now make substantially less money per hour, in real terms not just inflationary, than I did almost twenty years ago.The daily grind will simply continue to grind away at my life with no relief, ever. I personally see no end in sight. The relentless pursuit of attempting to get ahead of the debt monster that constantly attempts to devour me (and probably you as well) will also continue unabated. Now, I can accept that part of this problem is of my own making, but a steady cycle of extended layoffs or business closures from virtually every company I’ve worked at since 1997 has had a deep and detrimental effect on my economic world. Finding “other” employment is a joke, no one wants to hire anyone except their friends and relatives and if something is available, it is part time and for low wages, certainly not enough money to feasibly survive on as an adult with the debt of life on their back. The misery that is the weather around here most assuredly affects one’s mood. And not in a “good” way. That and the fact that one must trudge daily to a job that is highly disliked (one that was intended to be a “survival” move after one of many, various layoffs until a better opportunity was found, something that simply isn’t happening) does not bear well for being in a “good” mood. So, is retirement a reality in your world? I’ve read that some people actually get to retire and enjoy what’s left of their lives, but I just don’t see it for myself. Until next time…

Random Thoughts: What would you do?



Greetings from the House of Darkness!

Tonight, I’d like you to think about what you would do if you were presented with a choice. A choice that may make your life better or perhaps it would not. Let’s begin with this, as you are driving down a highway, with a very minimal traffic load, you come across a duffel bag laying in your lane. You have sufficient time to avoid the obstacle and come to a stop. Getting out of your vehicle you walk back to move the item out of the roadway. You notice that the bag is partially open and plainly observe that it contains money. A lot of money. You did not see the bag fall from any vehicle. No cars have driven past you as you stand by the side of the road by the bag full of money. Do you take the bag? Would you keep this little secret to yourself? Would you report your discovery to the authorities? How would you rationalize your choice? Would it make a difference to you if the money was the property of a little old lady who’s grandson was helping her move and foolishly placed the bag in his truck only to have it bounce out on the highway, or what if the money was the proceeds from illegal drug sales? If you had that knowledge would you decide differently on what to do with the money?

Would the amount of money have any bearing on your decision? For example, if you found a five dollar bill in the parking lot next to your car would you simply pocket it or attempt to find out who dropped it? What if it were a twenty? What about a one-hundred dollar bill? What about if you saw the person drop the money and it was someone you despised? Would you tell them they dropped the money, or would you say nothing and take it for yourself? Here’s one to consider, what if you were making a purchase and the price was, say $100. You bring it to the register and the item gets rung up for $25. There is no sale going on and you know the price is $100. Do you mention the error to the clerk, or do you take advantage of the clerk’s mistake and say nothing buying the item at the $25 price figuring you just got a really good deal? Add to this mix another consideration. If the store was a small, family run operation versus a large, multi-national corporation, would this factor in on your decision to speak or remain silent. What about if it was a local store you occasionally frequented versus a case where this happens as you are traveling through a different state? Is there such a thing as right or wrong, or is it a matter of degrees as to how right or wrong something is depending on the circumstances? Many questions to consider my friends. We would all like to think we would do the “right” thing but when the situation presents itself, how many alway follow our own idealized version of ourselves?




Random Thoughts: Morals and Values

Do people have morals and values at birth? Are these things purely learned behavior, or is this something that a person has inherent within them? Can a person simply be “good” or “bad?” In my view, at least some of this is present from the start. Of course, many things in a person’s life contribute to their value system. The family and friends that surround them, the culture of their community, their religious teachings, all these things certainly influence what is morally acceptable to each individual. These influences are not the final, determining factor on how a person acts towards their fellow human beings, though. I believe that at the core of a person they have been born with certain tendencies that can greatly determine future behaviors for good or bad. How else to explain how a person who came from a stable, loving family, who had “good” decent friends, and lived in a community that fostered a presence of inclusion and decency toward others still ends up as a violent criminal? Or the complete opposite effect where a person is born into a broken, dysfunctional family, knows a slew of trouble-prone friends, and whose neighborhood is little more than a crime-infested, war zone, yet still seems to break away from all that and turn out to be a really great person? My money is on that core piece deep within each person, a little voice, if you will, that keeps guiding one toward the light or may lead you into darkness. I also think most people are actually inherently “good” and at least try to be decent but stumble at times. I know I have. Until next time…

Random Thoughts: Wasting Time

Let’s face it, the vast majority of our time is wasted. Either you waste time at some task (aka a job) you are stuck doing, or you waste time watching mindless entertainment programs on the television or on your computer via the Internet. I think the vast majority of us are simply putting in our time on a task that we have been told is what you are supposed to be doing for some reason we can’t quite figure out. It certainly isn’t to “get ahead!” The working for a living may have rung true at some point but no more. You are working but it is to make the select few gain ground while you continue to lose ground in the economic world. I know I simply grind away the hours every day until I reach the arbitrarily set magic time when I can leave. I realize no one is physically forcing me (or you) to stay at a job we don’t want but economic reality does force one to stay. Hopefully, the economy will improve and open up more opportunities for all but I’m not counting on that. That’s why I am attempting to write my stories and the serial novel, Ageless (found elsewhere on this very blog) in order to try to break away from the day to day drudgery of life. Well, it’s off to throw away another day at the utterly dreaded grind of a job I have. Hope you enjoy your day. Someone must, some place at least sometimes, right? Until next time…

Random Thoughts:The long Winter

Here we are heading toward mid-April and winter still is wielding its rule over us. The scene outside is much the same as it has been since late November, cold, wet, gray and just plain miserable. I’m just waiting to hear the news reports about how this spring (could have fooled me!) was the warmest on record! That always brings to mind the adage that a lie, repeated often enough, becomes accepted as the truth. It’s very much like the fable that the economy is “recovering” or that the unemployment rate is down. All fables, lies, and disinformation perpetrated upon us by the masterminds “in charge.” Since the year has, thus far, been an exceptionally bad one, (by it seems like the long, endless winter portends the reality of life in 2016. I expect the conditions to continue to deteriorate with regard to the weather, economics, personal freedoms and culturally for all. The halcyon days of our life here in America are behind us because far too many people fear to be free and desire the cold embrace of tyranny and enslavement by both big government and big business. Pretty depressing but that’s what I see. My view is from down here in the trenches not up in some ivory towers sipping champagne as my investment portfolio propels my net worth into the stratosphere. I am among the un-wealthy, the working poor, the “common rabble” on whose backs the cream of the crop (in their self-absorbed mindset) climb the ladder of so-called, “success.” All one can do is to keep slogging through and hope for the right opportunity at the right time and place in order to escape the yoke of the status quo. Let’s all try to overcome this dark time and come out better for it. Until next time…