Random Thoughts: Dark Days (Once Again)

Let’s see if anyone see this. No one will so it really doesn’t matter what I write, does it? The day, a gray dreary day like most days around here, is cold (also like most days) and unpleasant. It is the day after Christmas and thankfully there is no work today. A small reprieve from the unending drudgery that is work. Yet tomorrow it begins again. The mind-numbing chore that work is. No future, no satisfaction, no purpose, no end. Who is the fool? I am. I have lost any interest I might have had in life. What I can see is a years long series of chores you do for others, rarely doing anything you personally desire to do. As time progresses and you have more “responsibilities” any interests one may have had are quickly extinguished from lack of time, lack of money, lack of desire. All drive one might have had to “do” gets beaten down by the work and the management/ownership of businesses. Any plans made are dashed. Plans cannot be followed because the money is NEVER there to do anything. Wages are kept as low as possible to ensure lifelong misery and entrapment into the system. Un-payable debt is encouraged continuously to further ensnare the common worker into a lifelong cycle of drudgery and broken dreams. Keeping the rabble/peasantry (the majority of humanity) down and depressed is the only way the elites can continue to live opulently in their distant realms, away from the real, day-to-day life of the vast majority. Face it, most work is meaningless tasks that only serve to enrich the very few. The future is dim, not bright for most. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, only the dark, cold of endless toil with no reward. Try to make a change and you’ll find obstacles at every turn, including your own self-doubt which is nurtured by employers (and all of society) all the time. You are ALWAYS looked at with suspicion, that somehow you are taking advantage of the employer even if it is as simple as getting paid for the labor you give them. They despise having to pay wages and always resent it. There is the daily reminder that they can get rid of you any minute always putting pressure on you, always causing worry that soon you’ll be out of a job and penniless, lose your home, starve. So, what to do. Nothing. I have run out of options. Only endless drudgery and disappointment. So what is the forecast? Continued darkness and mind-numbing chores until you physically can no longer function as far as I can see. Gloomy and depressing isn’t it? No future, no hope, except for a select few. Thoughts? There will, of course, be none because none will see or read this rant, so who cares. I’ve done this mostly to get rid of some of the negative vibes I have (and there is plenty more, I assure you) and to run a test to see if anyone reads this waste of time “blog.” Hopefully I will get a reaction but I know I will not. Enjoy and have a dark day!


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