Ageless, A serial Novel, Ch. 11


The story continues! This week, Chapter 11 of Ageless!


Book One, Lazarus
Chapter 11

Kyle Moss, Records Clerk 2nd Class (RC2C), wasn’t very happy. He was supposed to compile everything in the old, moldering files from the dank, crumbling, nearly forgotten restricted section. Virtually all of the files he was assigned to retrieve were either handwritten or typed out on paper. The damn things probably haven’t been looked at since who-knows-when and probably contain nothing of any use to anyone today. They stunk with the unmistakable odor of mold and decay. Much of the paper was stuck together and all but impossible to separate without ruining them. And guess who got assigned to go through it, him!

“This is bullshit!” Kyle said aloud to himself. “This is what a level 3 clearance gets you? I should be doing something more important, not stuck down here in this stinkin’ dungeon!”

He had been told this was a priority assignment but when he found out what he was supposed to do, he thought there had to be a mistake. What possible information could be a priority down here? The rumor was that Colonel Janus himself wanted these files put together and brought to him asap but Kyle found that hard to believe. What would the head of SOG6 want these old files for? Then again, Johnny Scanlon, his friend over in the com division, had told him last week, before he even got assigned to this crap, that his brother told him about a special operator that was supposed to be infiltrating some outland settlement. They were trying to take out some rebel leader, or something like that. Scan’s brother was a Lieutenant First Class in the Internal Security Branch for Region 23, so Kyle figured there had to be some truth to the rumor but he still couldn’t imagine what Colonel Janus would want with these moldy, nasty, old files. Although Kyle wasn’t supposed to actually read any of the material, just sort by file number and ensure any seals were intact and re-seal as needed, he did glance over a couple of the broken seal files…just to make sure there was no damage he’d be blamed for.

The little he did read mentioned some doctor named L. Stewart who lived before the war for chrissakes, and something about the plague. He also noticed that every file was stamped Level 5, one of the really old security codes used before the war. He knew this was only used for files meant to be seen by only a handful of the most senior people. Kyle sure didn’t understand what the top brass would want with such old crap but he did know enough to realize his ass was toast if anyone suspected him of actually reading any of them.

Kyle closed up the file as though it contained a nest of vipers and after carefully ensuring everything was in order, resealed the file. It looked as good as new.

There, no one will ever know. Kyle thought to himself. I sure don’t want Colonel Janus coming down on me.

Kyle didn’t even want to know what would happen to him if that bastard found out he’d looked at these. Kyle now just wanted to finish up as quickly as possible and quickened his pace. Within the hour, everything was complete and properly packed for transport to SOG6 headquarters. Two hours after that Kyle was at his usual table at Saints and Sinners Entertainment Club trying his best to forget all about his day. The beat of the music, the cold vodka tonic and the dancer in front of his table were all helping out immensely.

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