Random Thoughts:Is Retirement a Reality?


Hello once again! This morning is especially dreary and gray outside. Raining as well. Makes me think about the future. What I see is an unending struggle, working at a job that offers no meaningful purpose, minimal compensation and no possibility of reaching those magical retirement years. Now, I don’t mean I don’t think I’ll live that long, what I mean is that once I reach that time period in my life, things will be much the same (or maybe even a little worse) than they are today. I say this because the economic situation (at least in my life) has steadily deteriorated since 1997. I now make substantially less money per hour, in real terms not just inflationary, than I did almost twenty years ago.The daily grind will simply continue to grind away at my life with no relief, ever. I personally see no end in sight. The relentless pursuit of attempting to get ahead of the debt monster that constantly attempts to devour me (and probably you as well) will also continue unabated. Now, I can accept that part of this problem is of my own making, but a steady cycle of extended layoffs or business closures from virtually every company I’ve worked at since 1997 has had a deep and detrimental effect on my economic world. Finding “other” employment is a joke, no one wants to hire anyone except their friends and relatives and if something is available, it is part time and for low wages, certainly not enough money to feasibly survive on as an adult with the debt of life on their back. The misery that is the weather around here most assuredly affects one’s mood. And not in a “good” way. That and the fact that one must trudge daily to a job that is highly disliked (one that was intended to be a “survival” move after one of many, various layoffs until a better opportunity was found, something that simply isn’t happening) does not bear well for being in a “good” mood. So, is retirement a reality in your world? I’ve read that some people actually get to retire and enjoy what’s left of their lives, but I just don’t see it for myself. Until next time…


One thought on “Random Thoughts:Is Retirement a Reality?

  1. The darkness in your piece certainly paints a dim portrait, yet I cant help but sense the optimism trying to shine through, good piece. Please take the time to come read some of our quirky pieces over at Gastradamus whose sole purpose is to make you smile.


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