Random Thoughts: What would you do?



Greetings from the House of Darkness!

Tonight, I’d like you to think about what you would do if you were presented with a choice. A choice that may make your life better or perhaps it would not. Let’s begin with this, as you are driving down a highway, with a very minimal traffic load, you come across a duffel bag laying in your lane. You have sufficient time to avoid the obstacle and come to a stop. Getting out of your vehicle you walk back to move the item out of the roadway. You notice that the bag is partially open and plainly observe that it contains money. A lot of money. You did not see the bag fall from any vehicle. No cars have driven past you as you stand by the side of the road by the bag full of money. Do you take the bag? Would you keep this little secret to yourself? Would you report your discovery to the authorities? How would you rationalize your choice? Would it make a difference to you if the money was the property of a little old lady who’s grandson was helping her move and foolishly placed the bag in his truck only to have it bounce out on the highway, or what if the money was the proceeds from illegal drug sales? If you had that knowledge would you decide differently on what to do with the money?

Would the amount of money have any bearing on your decision? For example, if you found a five dollar bill in the parking lot next to your car would you simply pocket it or attempt to find out who dropped it? What if it were a twenty? What about a one-hundred dollar bill? What about if you saw the person drop the money and it was someone you despised? Would you tell them they dropped the money, or would you say nothing and take it for yourself? Here’s one to consider, what if you were making a purchase and the price was, say $100. You bring it to the register and the item gets rung up for $25. There is no sale going on and you know the price is $100. Do you mention the error to the clerk, or do you take advantage of the clerk’s mistake and say nothing buying the item at the $25 price figuring you just got a really good deal? Add to this mix another consideration. If the store was a small, family run operation versus a large, multi-national corporation, would this factor in on your decision to speak or remain silent. What about if it was a local store you occasionally frequented versus a case where this happens as you are traveling through a different state? Is there such a thing as right or wrong, or is it a matter of degrees as to how right or wrong something is depending on the circumstances? Many questions to consider my friends. We would all like to think we would do the “right” thing but when the situation presents itself, how many alway follow our own idealized version of ourselves?





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