Random Thoughts: Wasting Time

Let’s face it, the vast majority of our time is wasted. Either you waste time at some task (aka a job) you are stuck doing, or you waste time watching mindless entertainment programs on the television or on your computer via the Internet. I think the vast majority of us are simply putting in our time on a task that we have been told is what you are supposed to be doing for some reason we can’t quite figure out. It certainly isn’t to “get ahead!” The working for a living may have rung true at some point but no more. You are working but it is to make the select few gain ground while you continue to lose ground in the economic world. I know I simply grind away the hours every day until I reach the arbitrarily set magic time when I can leave. I realize no one is physically forcing me (or you) to stay at a job we don’t want but economic reality does force one to stay. Hopefully, the economy will improve and open up more opportunities for all but I’m not counting on that. That’s why I am attempting to write my stories and the serial novel, Ageless (found elsewhere on this very blog) in order to try to break away from the day to day drudgery of life. Well, it’s off to throw away another day at the utterly dreaded grind of a job I have. Hope you enjoy your day. Someone must, some place at least sometimes, right? Until next time…


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