Ageless, A Serial Novel


Welcome once again. House of Darkness Publishing presents to you the next chapters of our novel, Ageless. Please enjoy chapters 4 and 5.


Book One: Lazarus

Chapter 4

Lyle knew he’d been working all night and well into the early morning hours. He’d been absorbed in his work, as always. Things were beginning to fall into place now. The modified serum he’d been developing was showing real promise, finally. He didn’t want to get his hopes up just yet. There had been too many dead end paths he’d been led down over the years to let that happen. He recalled the despair of one of the few people he’d allowed himself to become close to when he told him the formula was not working and that his wife would not survive her battle with this damned plague. He remembered the look of agonizing, soul-crushing helplessness that had come over…

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