Random Thoughts:The long Winter

Here we are heading toward mid-April and winter still is wielding its rule over us. The scene outside is much the same as it has been since late November, cold, wet, gray and just plain miserable. I’m just waiting to hear the news reports about how this spring (could have fooled me!) was the warmest on record! That always brings to mind the adage that a lie, repeated often enough, becomes accepted as the truth. It’s very much like the fable that the economy is “recovering” or that the unemployment rate is down. All fables, lies, and disinformation perpetrated upon us by the masterminds “in charge.” Since the year has, thus far, been an exceptionally bad one, (by it seems like the long, endless winter portends the reality of life in 2016. I expect the conditions to continue to deteriorate with regard to the weather, economics, personal freedoms and culturally for all. The halcyon days of our life here in America are behind us because far too many people fear to be free and desire the cold embrace of tyranny and enslavement by both big government and big business. Pretty depressing but that’s what I see. My view is from down here in the trenches not up in some ivory towers sipping champagne as my investment portfolio propels my net worth into the stratosphere. I am among the un-wealthy, the working poor, the “common rabble” on whose backs the cream of the crop (in their self-absorbed mindset) climb the ladder of so-called, “success.” All one can do is to keep slogging through and hope for the right opportunity at the right time and place in order to escape the yoke of the status quo. Let’s all try to overcome this dark time and come out better for it. Until next time…


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