Random Thoughts: Fata Obstant

Destiny. Fate. Is it something that is preordained and unavoidable regardless of one’s actions? Does this apply to only individuals, or is the collective population of a community, nation, even the whole world subject to a preordained conclusion? It appears to me that one’s journey through life travels down a certain path and that path is virtually impossible to change. If any attempt is made by you as an individual to alter the path you are on, an onslaught of obstacles suddenly materializes to frustrate your efforts. As though an outside force is directing events and circumstances, always having the effect of pushing you back into the same orbit you were on. I am not convinced that any one individual actually “changes” anything unless they are fated to do so. Especially on a large scale. While I do accept that each individual has talents and abilities that they may or may not utilize during their life, the use or non-use of their capabilities will have only minor consequences overall, unless it is their destiny to make a larger impact. How else to explain why people with the same abilities and talents, living in similar economic and cultural circumstances, acting in like fashion, experience such radically different results in life? Doors that remain closed to some, open for others, regardless of the effort made by either party. Examples of this abound everywhere in all of our lives. Evidence of an inescapable destiny becomes clearer each day, both from an individual perspective and a collective viewpoint. More and more I am learning this lesson, although it is one I do not want to learn and am finding it difficult to accept. In the end, I will continue to battle against the myriad roadblocks that I find in my way, as I hope you do, but it is tiresome and the time we have is finite and short. Fortuna Favet Fortibus (fortune favors the brave), so as we continue our struggles through life, stay brave and may fortune find favor with you!


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