Random Thoughts

Greetings once again! I’d like to throw this out, I think a national draft is wrong and against everything the nation is ostensibly founded on. If we are to call ourselves a “free” country based on individual freedom then the concept of “compulsory service” is just plain wrong. Such “service” is a form of slavery, it really is just that simple.

We, as a nation, should resist calls for this blatant form of government control and stay with a pure volunteer military. A draft-based military will include many people who hold much resentment and malice toward the nation as a whole and breed dissent within the rank and file. With little or no real commitment, many who would be drafted will not care about their equipment or fellow soldiers and actually endanger those around them, both in a combat situation and in training.

Leave the draft to those other countries who worship the state and government power. It is a left over from history wrought with tyrannical rulers and despots who used force to rule over others. We should be setting the example for freedom by not requiring service from the citizenry. Better to foster such service and community spirit through free volunteerism rather than coerced government action. Those are my thoughts, for now, have a wonderful afternoon!


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