Random Thoughts

Greetings from the hill! Unfortunately, winter has returned today. A bitter wind has been blowing quite hard for much of the day. The woodstove has been stoked in the never ending battle to keep this tired, old house tolerably warm. I grow so tired of the gray sky and cold air of a season that seems to last so much longer than the rest. Hopefully, this bout of winter will be over in a day or so and we can get on with the warmer weather. I for one will never complain about it being “too hot” during the wonderful summer season. Heat is a sign of life while cold typically indicates death. This association is everywhere. Think of a car engine, for example. An engine “fires” when it runs, heat is generated and the motor roars to life! But, if there is a problem, the motor will quit and “freeze” up and the motor dies. Obviously, heat is better. Cold is bad. Winter is cold, therefore bad. The best thing about winter is when it’s over. Let’s hope that happens real soon. Until next time!


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